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Credit impacts almost every area of your financial life. With great credit you can keep more of your hard earned money and achieve your financial goals.

Home Ownership

Get your credit ready to purchase a new home.

Automobile Purchase

Take advantage of lower rates and fees.​

Lower Interest Rates

Get better interest rates on credit cards and loans.​

Career Opportunities

Pass an employers credit check with confidence.​

Whatever You Need Your Credit For - We Can Help!

We Dispute Items Holding Back Your Credit Scores

We create personalized dispute letters to challenge errors on derogatory accounts that are holding back your credit scores such as:

Client Reviews

  • positive review Brandon has been the most helpful person!! He has gotten me back on track completely. He is always available for questions and always answers promptly! He’s the best and you won’t be disappointed!!!

    Olivia Johnson Avatar
    Olivia Johnson

    positive review First and foremost, Brandon is the man!!!! I cannot express in words what he and his company did for me. Let’s just say my credit was horrendous like flat out terrible. Not only did he raise my score but he removed things from my score that would of held it down for years. He is super informative and judgement free if you have bad credit I don’t know what your waiting for call him now!!! You won’t be disappointed. I went from having horrible credit to owning my very first house within 3 months! Thank you bay state credit

    William Dee Avatar
    William Dee

    positive review Bay State Credit is amazing! They take care of their customers as if they were all family. They go above/beyond making sure that you understand the process and make it as simple as possible! I will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

    Jackie Lobo Avatar
    Jackie Lobo
  • positive review Working with Bay State Credit has been a great experience. They are great with communicating what will be done to repair your Credit step by step. So far working with them has been a breeze. Thank you Bay State Credit!

    Dany Matos Avatar
    Dany Matos

    positive review I have been working with Bay State Credit for just about a month. They have been super helpful and have already been able to increase my credit score. I feel very confident having them help me. Excellent customer service, follow ups and frequent updates about my account with them. I highly recommend them!

    Lynne Fine Avatar
    Lynne Fine

    positive review Brandon is the best, great customer service and very knowledgeable. He walked through everything with me and told me step by step what he had to do. He had already improved my one of my credit scores by 80 points. He is the best and is great at what he does! I recommend working with him!

    Talia Mirra Avatar
    Talia Mirra
  • Awesome customer service and extremely knowledgeable! I have gained my confidence back and I am looking forward to financial freedom because of Bay State Credit! Thank you so much!!!

    Brooke Hawkins Avatar
    Brooke Hawkins

    Baystate Credit is awesome. I have been working with Corina. She has been great to work with. She is always patient with me and my crazy questions. I am so excited for the improvement to my credit score. I look forward to owning my own home soon. the best part is the services are very reasonable and it didn't take as long as I thought it would. the people that work here really do care.

    Cindy Newcomb Avatar
    Cindy Newcomb

    positive review I’ve know Brandon for forever, so having him in my corner during the process was very helpful. Both Brandon and Corina were diligent in helping me reclaim my credit destiny! Thank you!

    Compton David Avatar
    Compton David
  • positive review Bay state credit is doing a great job helping me improve my credit and get back on track the past 30 to 45 days my credit has gone up by 100 points. I would really recommend bay state credit for everyone that is looking to fix they credit I really recommend working with them especially Brandon .thank you for helping me

    Miriam Fonseca Avatar
    Miriam Fonseca

    positive review they have done a great job helping me with my credit

    Garris Davis Avatar
    Garris Davis

    positive review Amazing these guys have literally have changed my life !! credit score is up 100 points within a month and a half. Also they are explaining everything I need to know about credit so I can be good for the future as well. Will be referring everyone I Know!!!! Thanks Bay State Credit !!!

    Dee Smith Avatar
    Dee Smith
  • positive review I’ve been a customer for a short period of time and the progression is amazing. My credit score has increased drastically. Not only do they do an amazing job; they educate you about the importance of your credit score with daily emails! I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to change their future for the better!

    Lakia Garcia Avatar
    Lakia Garcia

    positive review Bay State Credit is a caring agency. Bay State agency has taken the time to explain the entire credit repair and knowledge process. With their help I’ve made better decisions on saving and making purchases of all kinds.

    Gregory Gustave Dural Avatar
    Gregory Gustave Dural

    positive review On top of things. Bay State Credit does care about your credit. They work hard to improve your credit score. I’m very pleased with them

    Aristidez Perez Avatar
    Aristidez Perez
  • positive review Worth it! Came to them with accounts in collections and saw them removed in less than 30 days. I’ve watched my credit climb, and I am sticking with this company. I receive step by step updates through texts and email with my progress, and have an agent I can contact who helped me through the process and answers any questions I have. While I continue to watch my credit climb higher, I am fully recommending this company to anyone who wants to improve their credit score.

    Michelle Malas Avatar
    Michelle Malas

    positive review What a Great service that Brandon has provided me this is really going to help me for my future I really appreciate you guys work

    Xavier Bland Avatar
    Xavier Bland

    positive review Great team to work with my credit went up drastically , always reached out to me kept me updated with results. Made me feel comfortable with any questions I had. I recommend this to anyone.

    Jay Are Avatar
    Jay Are
  • positive review Service is amazing ! I recommend using their services because they are 100 percent as advertised!

    Geo Guy Avatar
    Geo Guy

    positive review I can’t believe what Bay state credit did in such a short amount of time brought us from 544 to 613 in 3 weeks!! He sacrificed his personal time and work to get us done he is the best thank you Bay state credit from Alves family!!! Hopefully progress continues...

    Bill Alves Avatar
    Bill Alves

    positive review Bay State Credit does exactly what they say they would. I was able to get a paid collections account removed off my credit report and within 48 hrs and my score jumped 40+ pts. Brandon was realistic with my expectations and couldn't ask for more. The service is worth every penny and he assured me that I could cancel at any moment I felt satisfied with the work that was completed. Thanks for all your hard work Bay State Credit!

    Jess Reve Avatar
    Jess Reve
  • positive review I’m so grateful for Bay State Credit! Many thanks to Brandon and Corina for helping to get me on track to finally reap the benefits of good credit. They keep me informed and are very supportive, every step of the way. I definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to repair their credit!

    Tai Renea Hussey Avatar
    Tai Renea Hussey

    positive review Bay State Credit helped me get my credit score up. They also kept me informed of everything that they were doing and I felt like I was part of every step. I would recommend Bay State Credit to anyone if you have questions about your credit I suggest you give them a call.

    Wanda Williams Avatar
    Wanda Williams

    positive review Bay state credit helped me improve my credit and get back on track!! Brandon was very knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way, informing me of what was going on and what to expect. I’m very pleased and grateful to have found bay state credit and highly recommend them !!

    Nellie Barbosa Avatar
    Nellie Barbosa
  • positive review Bay State Credit was phenomenal to work with. I can't speak more highly of them. I generally as a rule do not write reviews, however this is a different story. I went from skeptical to a believer. The entire process was quickly executed and extremely successful. Smooth as glass. Additionally I was offered techniques to further keep my credit not only on the right track, but progressing upwards as it should.

    Scott Ziminski Avatar
    Scott Ziminski

    positive review The entire staff is very knowledgeable with everything and super friendly. I couldn’t get approved from anything before, it took a few months but they got the job done. I’ve obtained several credit cards since my repair and moved into a new apartment. Thank you Bay State Credit!

    Evora Ramos Avatar
    Evora Ramos

    positive review Bay state credit helped me alot changed my life , super recommended them !!!
    Get ur credit up , credit is today’s Gold

    J. Wesley Desouza Avatar
    J. Wesley Desouza
  • positive review I came to these guys a while back at a 400 credit score I had delinquency closed accounts you name it my credit was bad these guys changed my life in the matter of three months I went from a low 400s score all the way to a high 800s I would never believe that I would ever been this high credit scores and these guys definitely achieve them I highly recommend them to anyone who is in any type of credit situation these guys are the real deal they can make miracles

    Sergio Guarracino Avatar
    Sergio Guarracino

    positive review The team is amazing (especially Brandon). They really hooked me up and helped me to improve my credit. They were also able to point me in the right direction for additional resources. I’m definitely going to refer many people I know to them.

    Monique Selden Riley Avatar
    Monique Selden Riley

    positive review Great experience, they helped me and are definitely experts at what they do. I'm finally looking forward to the home buying process thanks to this company! Super excited!!

    Sasha Rodriguez Avatar
    Sasha Rodriguez

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Your audit includes personalized advice geared toward your credit situation. If we feel you need additional lines of credit or better lines of credit, we will include sources of credit lines that will benefit you in my recommendations, and we’ll be sure to explain your options thoroughly.

Your credit scores are based on 5 factors including payment history, amounts owed, length of credit, new credit, and types of credit. Each one of our clients results are different.

We are unable to tell you exactly how long it will take. This is because credit scores are based on 5 factors including payment history, amounts owed, length of credit, new credit, and types of credit. Most importantly, YOU play a huge role in your success during the program.

You can start seeing results in your credit in as little as 30 to 45 days, but most clients graduate our services in only 4 to 6 months.

Let Us Help You Improve Your Credit!

We are here to help and look forward to helping you improve your credit and fulfill your financial goals!

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